Rini Is So In Love With Two

It’s a nice song and it matches the video. But you have to have watched Sailor Moon Super S and the Super S Movie. It’s a detail that most people miss. There are two separate bonds that she is in at once.

Rini – Helios

Rini – Pereru

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Episode 200 – Review

Hi dear readers,

Somebody asked me which episode was my favorite. I just had to say the very last episode! the one where Darien comes back to life and everything is OK again. I know it hasn’t ever aired in North America, but being the fan I am, I just had to watch it. I watched it before Sailor Moon on YouTube was taken away because of copyright complaints by Toei Animation (phew..) and it was really emotional.

After all the scouts except for Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn and the Sailor Starlights are dead, Sailor Moon is depressed. The Outer Senshi (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn) confront Sailor Galaxia. Sailor Uranus and Neptune surrender, thus becoming evil and attacking Sailor Pluto and Saturn, killing them and taking their star seed. After they are gone, Uranus and Neptune are sent to kill Sailor Moon and the Starlights. They turn around at the very last moment though, and attack Sailor Galaxia instead. She seems to be pained from this but soon recovers and kills Neptune and Uranus. The Starlights remember what Saturn had told them, “Believe in our princess” after Kakeru had died. They turn around and see that Sailor Moon is grieving  on the ground, blaming herself for everything that happened to her family and her friends. Sailor Galaxia turns on Sailor Moon, and a huge battle begins. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon appears next to Sailor Moon and turns into the Light of Hope. Then Light of Hope then turns into the Sword of Sealing, begging Sailor Moon to defeat Chaos inside of Galaxia’s body. Sailor Moon is reluctant ans Galaxia attacks. Sailor Moon falls to the ground. Galaxia starts again, and Sailor Moon grips the Sword, which then gives her wings, stopping her fall. Galaxia goes for a third time, and Sailor Moon accidentally punctures Galaxia’s wing. Galaxia then turns into Chaos, enraged. Sailor Moon tries to reason with Chaos, which makes Chaos accuse her of not having the pride of a Senshi. Sailor Moon replies that if the pride of a Senshi is to fight for everything, she doesn’t want it. this shocks Chaos, and gives Sailor Moon an opportunity to heal Chaos with her love, to bring the good Sailor Galaxia back. She manages to do it (this part is pretty emotional) and Sailor Galaxia releases all of the Star Seeds she captured. She says farewell and thanks Sailor Moon for freeing her of Chaos’ evil power. She disappears, and Sailor Moon is left all alone. She cries, “I hung in there, guys. But now I’m alone! I’m alone everybody!” She opens her eyes and sees that she is surrounded by colorful Star Seeds. Each of them turn into their respective owners: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. She is overjoyed. A bit farther along, she sees a Golden Star Seed. It turns into Darien and he reveals Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon from under his cape, saying that she led him to her. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon thanks Sailor Moon and disappears. Sailor Moon flies over to Darien and gives him a tender embrace. Later on, they are saying farewell to the Starlights and Princess Kakeru. Seiya tells Serena that he (she) will never forget her. Serena doesn’t understand the depth of what he said and makes everyone laugh by saying, “Yes, we will always be friends.” Seiya then turns to Darien and tells him to protect her, to which he promises he will. Even later, Darien and Serena are left alone, and Serena asks Darien if he really likes her. He says yes. She asks him how much. He replies: It feels wonderful to be with you. then the kiss with the huge moon behind them. In a voiceover, Serena says, “I’m Tsukino Serena, sixteen years old and in the first year of high school. I’m a bit rash and a bit of a crybaby. But actually, I’m the fighter for love and justice, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.”

I really loved this one! Hope you can watch it. I’ll post a link: http://www.veoh.com/search/videos/q/sailor+moon+episode+200#watch%3Dv1141739FSrWjnjR

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